This is Kia…

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11th October 2017
November 2017 – CDY rated good in all areas
9th November 2017

This is Kia, she is 10 months old and related to one of our Directors, Donna Gott.

In September this year, Kia’s mum Vikki took her to the GP with a temperature & vomiting (common in children as we all know).

The doctor diagnosed Kia with a viral illness and she was taken home.

In the early hours of the following morning, Kia’s condition worsened so an ambulance rushed her to hospital where her family received the devastating news that she had contracted Meningitis C and that she was fighting for her life.

Kia is in intensive care where she remains in a critical condition. If she recovers she will require amputations of all 4 limbs, these procedures are now underway.

Kia’s brother and sister are not only missing her but also their mum who has not left the hospital since she was admitted.

The family are facing a long, hard road and to add to the devastating news they are encountering severe financial pressures because Kia’s dad Paul is self-employed and unable to work during this unimaginably difficult time.

Care Dynamics are going to help.

Our first aim is to raise money to buy Christmas presents for Kia’s brother aged 8 and sister aged 4. Kia also has 2 older siblings.

Please support us. If you can help please contact Donna on 01274 307533 or you can donate directly by clicking here.

Thank you