Staff Testimonies

In order to become a great care worker, I believe one should be caring, friendly, honest and very hard working.

I always look after everyone like they are my own family. I will always try my best to fulfil my customers need and desires and always give a hundred percent effort in order to help my customers to get the best outcomes possible so they are very happy with myself.

Since I’ve started working at Care Dynamics, I’ve really enjoyed myself as I have now gained a lot of experience and I am a happier here. I’ve got good support from the office as they are very helpful and friendly. I can always turn to them for support and always get help and support.

Balqees B

To really benefit the people you support, you need to be friendly, easy going and personable. It also helps to have a good sense of humour and lots of interests which can be used for the benefit of the customers, for example walking and going to the gym. Being able to listen and follow instructions as well as have the intuition to pick up on unspoken situations. You also need to be reliable and a good time keeper.

I enjoy working for Care Dynamics because of the flexibility and variety of their work. I appreciate the opportunity to learn new things and to continually develop myself.

Wayne D

In my opinion, a good support worker should be-

• Reliable – Arrive on time so as not to let the service user down
• Respectful – Remember the service user is an individual with previous experiences. Treat them with dignity
• A good listener – what are service user’s interests? Support them to be as independent as possible. Provide a non judgemental service which is not condescending
• See each service user as a unique individual and celebrate this. See beyond their environment and ‘society label’ Have a positive mental attitude.
• An effective communicator – between the service user, colleagues, other professionals and stakeholders. Report any concerns to CDY
• Able to maintain confidentially – ‘loose lips sink ships’. Do not gossip. Maintain the trust of these vulnerable people.
• Responsible for their own actions including the accuracy of any written notes
• A team player – work with colleagues in a professional manner

I found CDY friendly to work for. It was flexible with an open-door policy. The Senior Management Team were keen to support individual staff and offered relevant. training

They had a comprehensive range Policies and Procedures in place.

Selwyn W

People need to obviously work but anyone can be trained to work in any field of work and just do the job but a support worker is so different, it’s so rewarding because you are Supporting a variety of people with different needs.

The main thing is, it’s in your heart to do good for others. This is not something someone can train you for, its inbuilt, it’s the person you are. If it’s just a job then it’s not for you, a support worker goes that extra mile as you’re doing it for the people you support. I always think I could need help one day.

Support workers must put the service user first and do what they can to help them. These are sometimes very lonely and vulnerable people who just need to know somebody cares.

New support workers must learn to understand their customer’s needs, this can take a while but from experience, the more you support a person the more you get to know about them and the more they get to know about you. This trust builds. It does take while sometimes but you must persevere.

I enjoy working at Care Dynamics because it a friendly team, my rota arrives on time so I know what I’m doing the following week. If there are any issues about anything the office will meet and discuss and resolve.

Martin R

I like to get to know the people I support and I do this by listening to them and respecting them and their wishes

The name says it all care dynamics stands out by being a caring team from the directors to the support staff.

Stephen K

Good support workers have to be reliable and cooperative. Team work is very important so helping you’re your colleagues and visa-versa is very important. Time keeping is important and its critical that you understand and follow policy and procedures.

Care Dynamics are very helpful and responsible. I had worked in care before but I have learnt so much working with them.

Nazia S

Fundamentally, a good support worker needs to be naturally caring. Without this trait it would be “just be a job”. Those who have the natural ability to care do not consider their work as “just a job” they consider what they do as very important and understand what a difference they can make to people’s lives.

I have worked for Care Dynamics for many years and I have grown a lot as a carer and I have achieved a lot more than I thought I could.

My passion for caring is reflected in the hard-work that I put in to my role and I believe that Care Dynamics has allowed me to challenge myself as a worker and allowed me to work with various different peoples of different needs which I thoroughly enjoy.

The Care Dynamics team is wonderful, full of kind and encouraging individuals who I can place my trust in and vice versa. One of my greatest achievements has been receiving the Employer of the month award, this was amazing for myself and I could not have got this without my team.

I love working with everybody and continuously prove that I am a reliable member of the Care Dynamics team. I look forward to my future years with Care Dynamics and cannot imagine working anywhere else because they have provided me with long lasting memories and I would encourage more people to join this team.

Shaheena P

A good support worker should prioritise the service user and always work with a person-centred approach by making sure the choices made are what is best for the customer.

As well as this, good support workers should be able to liaise with families, building a trusting relationship which must be maintain at all times. By doing this support workers can build strong relationships which follows Care Dynamics ethos and strengthens our reputation as a care company.

My personal approach is to always treat my customers with the same dignity and respect as I would expect my own family to be treated if I had to entrust them in someone else’s care. Most importantly, to fulfil your duty of care it is vital to have a passion within yourself to actually care for your customers.

I like working for Care Dynamics because they schedule a rota which fits in with me at times that allow me to fulfil my duty of care and all the needs of the customers without being rushed. This allows me to build a relationship with my customers and deliver a better quality of care.

Iffat F

A good support worker will go above and beyond for their customer and attend to their needs however small or large.

You must encourage customers to be independent whilst assisting and supporting them through daily tasks and ensure that the care and support provided makes life easier for my customers as well as their families.

I like working in the Care Dynamics team because I am treated as an individual but I have a fully dedicated team to support me whilst I am supporting others.


A good support worker needs many attributes, you need to be able to adapt to any situation. You need to be approachable, honest, reliable, responsible, professional and have good timekeeping. You also need to be sociable and have a good sense of humour.

I like the flexibility and variety of work offered by Care Dynamics because it allows me to use all my care skills within different care environments.

The office team are always approachable, helpful and friendly.

Lynn H