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My 19 year old daughter “S” likes pop music, i-carly on the television, going to her grandma’s, fun bubbly people, the sound and feeling of flicking the pages of a book, ritz biscuits and eggs on toast.

She has cerebral palsy so needs help with bathing, personal care, toileting, dressing and undressing, feeding, drinking, getting up and going to bed and is given medication via a peg feed. My daughter obviously has complex needs and it’s my responsibility to ensure these are met completely and to make sure she lives a happy, fulfilling life.

Over the years I have worked with numerous organisations but until Care Dynamics Yorkshire I struggled to find an agency that met the very high standards of care and support that I demand.

“S” and myself make the decisions about the care and support she receives. “S” can be understood if people take the time to listen and the Care Dynamics Yorkshire staff team certainly does this. They consult us about the care being given and change the teams approached as and when needed.

They are very flexible with their rota so as well as meeting “S’s” needs they do not impact on my busy family life, often changing things at very short notice to meet our on-going requirements.

“S” is very well cared for and loves going out on one-to-one support. She really enjoys swimming on a Saturday and socialising with the help of her personal assistants.

Nothing seems too much trouble and I find their management team to be very approachable (seven days a week), trustworthy and accommodating. They regularly go “above and beyond her duties” to make sure everything is perfect.

My name is “B” and it is with great pleasure that I have been offered the opportunity to tell you about my carer from Care Dynamics Yorkshire.

I am an extremely well educated person with numerous accolades but sometime ago my life spiralled out of control. I have since become housebound and basically need the help of people to exist.

Although I have met a lot of people with good intentions only “P” has ever really showed me genuine care.

Basically, “P” is more than happy to do all the jobs no one else wants to do.

Right from our initial introduction “P” did not tell me what I should and shouldn’t do, instead he guides me without being judgemental.

He visits me outside of his paid hours just to check that I am ok.

He makes sure that I am comfortable and safe.

Having Care Dynamics Yorkshire in place made life easy and better for “H”.

My nephew loves his outings and looks forward to going out with your care workers.

“H” gets on with all the care workers and they meet all his needs and that makes me happy.

I write on behalf of myself and my son “C” regarding his wonderful carer, “P” (from Care Dynamics Yorkshire).

“C” has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, curvature of the spine, visual and hearing impairments and severe learning disabilities. He needs help with most things including: toileting, eating/drinking and personal care.

I have found it difficult finding good, consistent care in past but since working with “P”, C’s quality of live has notably improved. You can actually see his face light up in Peter’s presence.

“P” is one of the most personably/smiley people I have ever met. Basically, he treats “C” as a person, taking time to understand his needs through body language and a natural ability to engage fully with fellow human beings no matter their difficulties through disability.

He is flexible and accommodates “C’s” complex needs, slowly building a rapport with “C” through patience and care. “C’s” temperament has most definitely mellowed since he engaged with “P” which I can only put down to mutual trust and respect.

From my point of view, “P” has made life much easier. He contributes to care plans and actively implements on going risk assessments and support plans.

“C” tries hard to overcome his disabilities and thoroughly enjoys socialising with people. Since “P’s” arrival he loves going to the cinema, pub, shopping and bowling. He loves swimming and “travel” via bus, train, and boat trips. He also really enjoys music and painting of which have been encourage by “P”.

“P” is a humble caring family man and a fantastic ambassador for Care Dynamics Yorkshire.

My name is “O”, I am 21 years old and I recently graduated from University. I have moved back home to live with my Mum whilst looking for a job. Due to my disability, which restricts me to an electric wheelchair, I need help with many aspects of day-to-day life which others take for granted. Despite this, I was able to lead a very independent life at university, with the help of several different teams of volunteers, and was determined to continue this upon my return home. The support that Care Dynamics Yorkshire has given me over the past few months has been invaluable to me maintaining this independence.

From the outset the agency was determined to tailor their support package to suit my individual needs including recruiting a whole new team of carers specifically to support me. Care Dynamics Yorkshire were determined to recruit a team of people who were not only of a similar age to me but also shared many of the same interests. The fact that I was able to take an active part in the recruitment of my new carers, including conducting preliminary interviews, meant that Care Dynamics Yorkshire has been able to hire a team of people whom I am very much looking forward to working with.

The agency’s ability to think outside the box when it came to advertising the job was fundamental to the final recruitment of my new team. Initially, we struggled to find suitable applicants however; Care Dynamics Yorkshire were able to generate substantial interest in the local media and produce a series of articles, including one front page story, thanks to their contacts in the local press. This led to an influx of applications from interested parties who would otherwise have been completely unaware of the position. It is highly likely that I would have struggled to get the support I needed without the publicity generated by Care Dynamics Yorkshire’ appeal.

Once my new carers had been recruited and trained I was allowed to organise my own shift rota and deal with the team on a one-to-one basis instead of having to mediate through the agency. This meant I was able to easily design and tweak my care package to suit my individual needs and manage my team independently. This freedom has made it far easier for me to make my own plans, as I could simply make arrangements with each carer individually instead of having to run everything through a central office. This has been particularly useful with regard to looking for work experience or employment in either radio or television where work can be erratic and unpredictable.

Overall, I believe that thanks to both the hard work and determination of the staff at Care Dynamics Yorkshire I have been able to confidently and successfully take control of my care yet still have the support and security of well-trained and dedicated professionals if the need arises. Most importantly, by enabling me to have as big a say and control over my care package as I have, Care Dynamics Yorkshire have helped me to stop worrying about the day-to-day things I need support with and begin focusing on the other important matters, like looking for a job!!

Case Management Companies

To date, I have worked with Care Dynamics Yorkshire on a complex client situation for nearly two years.

During this period of time I have been impressed by the organisations determination to get the service for my client exactly right.

I have been provided with support workers of excellent quality and Care Dynamics Yorkshire management have really spared no effort in working hard to obtain the right staff for the job.

I have enjoyed and benefited from very close and effective working relationships with all Care Dynamics Yorkshire staff and feel that great effort and concern is put into maintaining this relationship.

My client’s situation is demanding and complicated; I have found Care Dynamics Yorkshire to demonstrate tenacity of purpose but with a high degree of flexibility aimed at creating the right design of care package.

I think the very regular communication with Care Dynamics Yorkshire mangers has been very effective in these respects.”

Supplying Staff To Your Organisation

As Team leader for the LSA and support of the essential skills sector at College, I took the decision, with other managers in the college, to get help (from a personal care needs point of view) from an outside agency to provide the support for students last year (Sept 2014).

This decision was taken because we had 2 new students at the college who both needed a high level of personal care and I felt that my team were under-trained to be able to provide this.

After looking into different agencies and receiving recommendation from other staff members it was decided to approach Care Dynamics Yorkshire. After meetings and discussions we realised they were the right agency for us.

They quickly helped us put care plans together and pointed out some areas of change that we needed to put in place to provide the best personal care support possible.

The small team of carers that worked with us last year all showed a high level of ability and knowledge in personal care, as well as being friendly and useful in the classroom such as giving support with college work. They were extremely well-liked by students, parents and staff therefore quickly become members of the College team.

Mostly due to our ability to provide students with a course that meets their level of education and being able to offer a high level of personal care (thanks to Care Dynamics Yorkshire) word has got around and this year we have increased to 7 students needing P.C which is great news for the college and students.

We showed no hesitation in getting back to Care Dynamics Yorkshire and seeing if they could meet our increased need this year and very luckily for us they could. The managers and office staff at CD lost no time in putting a great, larger team together, that all met the needs of our students. The staff seemed happy to help put any plans including meetings together and showed a lovely enthusiastic attitude to working with us.

I know that the college is already in talks with Care Dynamics Yorkshire with the plan to put some of their staff with some of college students on work placement.

I would highly recommend Care Dynamics Yorkshire to anybody that is looking for a little or large amount of help around looking after care needs.

Team leader
LSA (essential skills) and CSW’s

I would have no hesitation in recommending Care Dynamics Yorkshire Limited and its supply of temporary staff.

We have always had a good relationship with Care Dynamics Yorkshire and they have a great understanding of our needs and respond in a very timely manner to any requests we make even for very shorts to shift cover at short notice.

Where there have been issues the agency has dealt with them in a very professional manner that has been focused on the safe delivery of support to meet our tenant’s needs and wishes.

Area Manager

We have worked with Care Dynamics Yorkshire in all our Bradford Services for the last three years.

During this entire period they have provided excellent staff, sometimes at very short notice.

Their office team are knowledgeable, helpful and follow meticulous regulatory procedures.

The staff they provide are reliable, enthusiastic, qualified and most importantly always seems to adopt Care Dynamic’s ethos surrounding person centred care/support.

I regularly receive positive comments from my colleagues/staff regarding their service.

I would gladly recommend Care Dynamics Yorkshire to any organisation looking for a quick and quality service when they are seeking staffing solutions.

Service Manager