Customer Stories

Myself and Martin, my carer, had previously discussed visiting the Yorkshire Air Museum, so seen as though the weather is so nice, warm, and sunny, we decided to visit, Yorkshire Air Museum, on 12th  July, 22, as a birthday trip.

Martin arrived, at my house, at approx. 9am, then at approx. 9.20am, we set off to the Elvington Air Field, up the A64, North Yorkshire, arriving at approx., 10.40am.

To start with we had a walk around, looking in the hangers, to see what was there, there were WW1/WW2 aircraft, from the very first design to more recent aircraft.

On the ground, where each aircraft was placed, in the hangers, and outside, on the tarmac, were descriptions regarding the aircraft, history, war campaigns, etc.

The Yorkshire Air Museum, is a very interesting place to visit. All around the grounds, you are told the history of each aircraft/vehicle, and how it, the aircraft/vehicle, performed in historic wars, its purpose, etc.

I really enjoyed my visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum.

There is lots to see with facts to read about all the exhibits.

Yorkshire Air Museum is really worth a visit.

It costs adults £12.00 to get in, disabled adults it costs £9.00, as long as you take proof of your disability, and carers get in free, as long as ID is shown, as proof.

You are given an access ticket, this ticket will last, for as many times as you want to visit, over the next year.



Hello, my name is Ian.

I have a great team from Care Dynamics who support me to do the things I like to do.

I like to travel (particularly America), visit new places, play snooker, go bowling, go for meals etc.

However, one of my favourite things to do is go to the pantomime. I have done this for many years.

 I also volunteer at the Care Dynamics office and at the Bradford Royal Infirmary. Whilst at the BRI, I meet two of my favourite pantomime stars (Billy Pearce and Simon Webb) and had my photograph taken with them.

Hello my name is Paul I live at home with my family.

With my support I get to do lots of things that I like to do. Horse riding, Swimming, trampolining, going to the gym and many more things.

I flew a kite on Shipley glen. It was fun. I’m very athletic but need to be reminded to take small breaks.

For lunch I do enjoy a KFC or cheeseburger, fries, ketchup and “nade” (lemonade).

I’m very tidy I don’t like mess or bits on the floor and like everything to be in its place and nice and tidy, but that’s me it’s who I am.Thank you for reading about me.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Hi, my name is Damian,

I love boxing so wanted to start training.

I discussed this with my support worker from Care Dynamics who helped me because we agreed that this would be beneficial for me. We looked on the internet for local groups and found one nearby which I now go to on a Thursday evening.

My support worker takes me in my car, stays during the session, helps me when needed, then brings me back home. The Boxing is run by ex-boxers who are very friendly and accommodate all my needs.

I love going and getting involved within the local community.