Our 73rd industry accolade

CQC again rate us “GOOD IN ALL AREAS” (Jan 2024)
15th January 2024

We are delighted to announce that we have won yet another company accolade.


SME News: UK Enterprise Awards – Bespoke Social Care Company of 2024 – Yorkshire

“So far, in 14 years we’ve won 73 industry accolades”

SME News are committed to helping small & medium-sized businesses from across the United Kingdom, recognising their hard work and dedication.

This is the eighth SME News UK Enterprise Awards, as the leading online platform for SME enterprises, they have designed this distinguished awards programme to celebrate the innovation, excellence, and achievements of UK businesses.

The UK Enterprise Awards 2024 is not limited by business size or scope. This inclusivity reflects the diversity and dynamic nature of the UK’s business landscape, recognising the best performers in each unique category.

Their Research/Nomination and Judging Team play a vital role in upholding standards and benchmarking shortlisted candidates against their strict criteria.

SME utilise their in-house Research Team to source and analyse businesses that deserve to be recognised. Using this method means that, regardless of sector or size, firms can be judged on a level playing ground.

Receiving the shortlist of candidates from their nomination team, the Judging Team make an assessment of the firm’s suitability by reviewing all of the supplied documentation, information available in the public domain and a comprehensive review of the company’s digital footprint. They are thorough in their approach, but the most common metrics are evaluated via: company websites, social media, official registrars of companies, industry specific and popular review platforms, customer testimonials, media outlets and blogs.

Participating in the UK Enterprise Awards 2024 offers immense benefits. It is an opportunity for UK businesses to showcase their success, gain recognition and credibility and enhance their reputation.

Care Dynamics, Business Manager, Nick James said “in addition to a huge number of industry specific awards, these business accolades further evidence the undeniable quality of service provide by our entire team”.