GHP award us “Best Multidisciplinary Social Care Business – West Yorkshire”

Great British Care Awards Regional Finals
18th November 2021
So far, we’ve won 54 industry accolades
6th June 2022

GHP News has finalised the results of the Social Care Awards 2022, we are delighted to announce that Care Dynamics Yorkshire has been awarded:

Best Multidisciplinary Social Care Business – West Yorkshire

GHP News said: “This truly represents all of your hard work and dedication. Our merit led selection process narrows down nominees in order to seek out and celebrate the companies that stand out from the crowd as a leading social care business”.

About the Social Care Awards

The Care Awards 2022 are proudly hosted by GHP News and this is the fourth consecutive year they have recognised the enormous contributions of global organisations and professionals who have provided the best possible care and support within the social care sector, particularly during the incredibly challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

Social care is vital to provide direct help for those in need of physical, emotional and social support. Some of the services that are provided include welfare counselling services, aged-care assistance, adoption services, disabilities assistance and youth welfare etc.

Their awards are highly revered because they are based on best industry practice, innovation, leadership, adaptability and overall performance. Nominees must be able to demonstrate their work matches our awards criteria and show they have gone above and beyond their duties to deliver excellence in a social care setting.

GHP News does not make a judgement based on the length of service, the number of employees or the size of the company. Those nominated for the Social Care Awards 2022 are carefully judged solely on merit (as opposed to the number of nominations) by their in-house research team.

Taking part in the awards programme is a huge honour, being recognised for our dedication and talent, praised for our achievements and outstanding accomplishments all based 100% on merit.