CDY Outcome Coordinator

2023 Great British Care Awards Regional Finalists
28th September 2023
CDY Volunteer Trip Advisor
1st November 2023

Hello, my name is Martin Raistrick and I have some exciting news for you.

I’ve worked as a Support worker for Care Dynamics for eight years and have recently been promoted to undertake a new part time role: CDY Outcome Coordinator.

My new role involves liaising with CQC customers, their families, support workers and our management team to identify and ensure their goals are being met.

We want to capture achievements and bring them “to life” by showing the story of how you’re supporting our customer’s. To do this we have created an “I want to” form which will be used to record Customers goals, outlining what will be required to achieve this and who will be responsible for making this happen.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07715 206200 if you want to discuss anything, I’m happy to help.

Thank you,