Care Dynamics Awards Evening – The Results!

Care Dynamics Awards Evening
30th October 2013
Care Dynamics Awards Evening – The Photos
18th December 2013

To show our appreciation and that of the people we support, we recently held our first Awards Ceremony to recognise the excellent service and dedication delivered by our staff team.

The first section of the Care Dynamics awards evening were the categories where the winners have been nominated by their customer and colleagues.


Care Newcomer: Linda Grassick

Linda was nominated for this award because of her infectious enthusiasm and obvious caring nature. Linda recently gave up her previous long-term job to concentrate solely on the care and support of others and her fun-loving attitude certainly makes a difference to the lives of those she cares for. Care Dynamics were told:

  • Linda is a happy, fun loving person who always brings a smile to our faces.
  • Linda is kind, caring and a really genuine person who always has a positive attitude to life.


Care Newcomer: Naveed Masood

Naveed is a quiet, respectful family man whose work ethic is an example to all. This is what one of his colleagues had to say:

  • Naveed is a gentle and cares for people around him no matter if they are able or not.
  • Naveed is very humble but I am sure this recognition of his work will mean the world to him.


Carer of the Year : Benjamin Nhandara

Benjamin has a bubbly “get up and go” kind of attitude to life and this certainly shows in his work and the effect it has on other people. Benjamin is an “all-rounder” team-player who has the natural capability of engaging with everyone he meets: This is what a customer’s said:

  • “Benjamin is really passionate, hardworking and always has a positive attitude”.
  • One of his colleagues said:  “Benjamin is a very good support worker who’s always prepared to help colleagues”.


Dignity In Care : Shelley Green

Care comes naturally to Shelley and this is easily seen by those who work with her and those who are cared for by her. Shelley is deeply passionate about the people she cares for and always shows great compassion. One of Shelley’s customers said:

  • Shelley is caring, flexible and treats people as individuals; she will always go above and beyond to meet their needs.
  • One of Shelley’s colleagues said: that she is a good carer that she is very helpful and a good leader.


Putting People First : Peter Ndhlovu

Although we have an increasing 70+ strong care team, Peter repeatedly proves himself to be a “shining example” of the consummate professional. Peter’s customers cover a broad spectrum of ages and abilities but all are treated with the upmost respect and dignity with attention paid to even the most minute personal requirement. His work ethic is exceptional whether under supervision within services or when undertaking one-to-one support. This is what his customers and colleagues had to say:

  • Peter is a hard worker who is extremely devoted and professional.
  • Peter lives and breathes his work 365 days a year.
  • Peter will always go that extra mile to ensure people are treated as individuals and that their personal requirements are met.
  • Peter genuinely cares about people and fights tirelessly for their rights, he doesn’t do this for financial gain she does this because it is his passion.


 Outstanding Contribution : Margaret Malik

With by far the most nominations, as her employer Care Dynamics consider it their privilege to honour Margret with the “Outstanding Contribution Award”. It’s difficult to express in words Margaret’s contribution to care and the impact her work has had on the lives of those she has touch, however, we can think of no one who more thoroughly deserves this acknowledgement. She is a “natural” carer who becomes absorbed in her work and the welfare of those she cares for. We are continually amazed by Margaret’s relentless positivity and sheer determination to ensure the health and wellbeing of her customers. Margaret is hugely respected by “everyone” and an invaluable member of our team who always goes that “extra mile” to ensure the well-being of the people she cares before her own. This is what her customer and colleagues had to say:

  • I know 100% who I would like to nominate and that’s Margaret.  She walks to work no matter what the weather and shows so much care and devotion, I admire her.
  • Margaret is hardworking, kind and very good at her job she is always willing to do more and help everyone.
  • Margaret is very caring, devoted to all our customers.
  • Because she is hardworking, kind, professional, helpful and polite, I really look up to Margaret she is a brilliant carer.
  • Margaret gives 100% for all her customers, she shows support and how much she cares about each individual, she is dedicated to her job and will always put her job first. Margaret inspires us all and makes it a pleasure for myself and other people she works alongside.


The Managers Awards: 

The second section of the awards evening was chosen by Dynamics Management who have awarded those members of their team that they believe are exceptional examples of how care and support should be delivered, honouring those who really do make a difference to people’s lives.


“Simply inspirational”: Ndumiso Tshuma

A relatively new member of the Care Dynamics care team but management wanted to honour Ndumiso because he is quite simply a genuinely brilliant person!  He is caring, reliable and trustworthy and works tirelessly to satisfy even the minutest details of his work. There is also a rumour that he is possibly the world’s best ironer but we don’t have a category for this.


Ray Of Sunshine” Award: Veronica Igwe

What can we say about Veronica! She is, as the award suggests, a “ray of sunshine” who brings joy to both her colleagues and customers in equal measure. Veronica has an insatiable attitude towards life and thrives on helping others. Care Dynamics office staff recently had a vote as to who they would want to care for them and Veronica won hands down because she is both caring and a whole lot of fun. She never fails to bring a smile to your face.


The Dedication Award: Abdul Qadeer

Although Care Dynamics have several younger members of their team who thoroughly deserve praise and this year it was decided that due to his positive attitude and caring nature Abdul should receive well-deserved recognition for his work. Abdul is dedicated to the care of others and should be considered a role model to other younger people.


The Honorary Award: Rudo Chengeta

I am sure you will all join us in thanking our very own Rudo Chengeta for her relentless dedication over the past twelve months. Rudo has a demanding, high pressured, often difficult role but always puts in 100% and keeps on smiling. Very few have shown such loyalty and commitment to both the company and the people we support. Rudo is an integral member of the team and we very much appreciate her work and friendship. All we ask is that she doesn’t sing because her voice isn’t nearly as good as her work!


The Care Team Award: Diane Gautry, Cheryl Latto. Cath Saunders, Rukshana Bibi, Kelly Connell and Rudo Chengeta

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the excellent care and support delivered by this team. By working together, week in week out, they have consistently proved how dedication and thoughtfulness can make a real difference. Through real commitment, a selfless attitude and team spirit, they have recently overcome difficult circumstances ensuring the safety and well-being of the person the team cares for. There is no better example of people pulling together for the benefit of others. Because the team never work together at the same time, over a long period the entire team have had to dedicated themselves to seamless communication ensuing a “joined up service” which monitors and reacts to the individual’s needs.